Preface of the Site: Hello World!



I was planning start of a Personal WebSite for a long time. Previously I made a few starting trials but I couldn’t continue because the conditions wasn’t matured enough.

Today is May 1st, 2015 and now I feel ready to start. I’ve already made a very special start indeed! Do you know why, because, first of all, this is not just another WebSite! This is a very special one: a website running on a credit card size educational computer, Raspbery Pi 2  ,  which costs only 35$ ! Yes, all the necessary hosting tools like web – ftp – dns – smtp – php servers, mysql database management system, wordpress content management system etc. for this Web Site and Blog mounted on and runs on a credit card size unit standing silent somewhere around as connected to the LAN (today fixed with an ethernet cable but tomorrow may be portable with a USB WiFi adapter).

If you’re in a hurry to see the Blogs without reading rest of the story then click : Blog Pages

My main purpose for start of this content management system (CMS) is to share my past and future experience and knowledge with you. I don’t want to take all of my experience and knowledge to future-life 🙂

Keep in touch.